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Many Great Companions

Dar Williams      

Many Great Companions

  1. Calling The Moon
  2. If I Wrote You
  3. Spring Street
  4. I'll Miss You
  5. The Christians and the Pagans (featuring Sara & Sean Watkins)
  6. What Do You Hear In These Sounds
  7. The One Who Knows (featuring Mary Chapin Carpenter)
  8. The Babysitter's Here
  9. As Cool As I Am
  10. You Rise And Meet The Day
  11. Iowa (featuring Sara & Sean Watkins, Motherlode & Mary Chapin Carpenter)
  12. When I Was A Boy (featuring Patty Larkin)
  13. It's Alright
  14. Are You Out There
  15. As Cool As I Am
  16. If I Wrote You
  17. February
  18. The Mercy Of The Fallen
  19. The Easy Way
  20. The One Who Knows
  21. Teen For God
  22. After All
  23. Book Of Love
  24. The Beauty Of The Rain
  25. The Babysitter's Here
  26. Better Things
  27. Spring Street
  28. The Ocean
  29. Closer To Me
  30. Empire
  31. End Of The Summer
  32. When I Was A Boy

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